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General Information

KittBlog is a project for all who are interested in the Internet life through interactions with others. I use my Internet experience and offer very useful entries on this blog. Examples of topics are customizing, help and reviews around Windows, programs, web server etc. This information can be found directly in the blog.

Also, it's possible to download some styles and plugins or order the former in a exclusive way for your forum software.

The main parts of this project, the articles, news and reviews are only written just in German, Therefore, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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KPPS is not a product shop in the usual way. It is a high quality Community Product Management Tool with a Shop System and a Licensing Management. It doesn't matter if you have products with files or without. Everything is possible and even more!


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Latest entries

By Black Rider (Tuesday, April 21st 2015, 6:09pm)

Aktuell testet Google ein neues Design seines YouTube-Players, welches die Elemente, ähnlich wie auf Smartphones und Tablets, transparent anzeigt. More...

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By ciajoe (Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 10:04pm)

Nach 5 Wochen und 6 Tagen, also einen Tag früher als sonst, veröffentlicht Google wieder eine größere Aktualisierung für seinen bekannten Chrome-Browser, welche unter anderen die Push-API implementiert. More...

Views: 63

By Black Rider (Monday, April 6th 2015, 5:11pm)

In Firefox 37 Mozilla implemented a feedback system called “heartbeat”, which should help to build a better browser. More...

Views: 56

By Black Rider (Monday, April 6th 2015, 5:11pm)

In Firefox 37 implementierte Mozilla ein Feedback-System namens „heartbeat“, wodurch letztendlich eine bessere Software entstehen soll. More...

Views: 100

By Black Rider (Tuesday, March 31st 2015, 8:55pm)

Alle 6 Wochen veröffentlicht Mozilla eine neue finale Version seines Browsers Firefox, welche neue Funktionen bereitstellt und Fehler behebt. Das Update wird automatisch über die integrierte Updatefunktion verteilt. More...

Views: 64

By Black Rider (Sunday, March 29th 2015, 5:00pm)

Many administrators try to deny general permissions to certain users. This is quite easy but often the administrators knowledge about user groups and user permissions is limited. This article should provide clarity. More...

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